Can’t at the London Short Film Festival 2012

Just got back from a hectic weekend seeing over 60+ short films of which ‘Can’t’ was one. It played to a sold out screen at the London Short Film Festival at the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art). The photo was taken as it was filling up!! It got a good reception and rounded off the New Shorts 2: Lo Budget Mayhem category on the opening night. I met up with the creator of LSFF Philip Illson on the evening and a few days later he commented that although he had never been to the Cannes Film Festival himself all other short films or documentaries portrayed only the glitz and glamour that Cannes is famous for. He felt that ‘Can’t’ really gave a good insight into what it was really like to be there (Mockumentry or not). ‘Can’t’ was only one of 5 entries Jersey had in the festival, which for such a small island, bearing in mind the LSFF has shorts screening from all around the world, is pretty impressive.