Latest news

So as it has been over a month since we’ve posted anything on the site I thought I would give a brief description of what we have been doing.

When we went to Cannes in May we decided, as we didn’t have an entry ready for Branchage, that we would make a mockumentary of our visit. We got back from Cannes on Sunday 22nd May leaving us only 3 days until the Branchage deadline. Amazingly we managed to get it completed and sent off in time. Even more amazingly we have just been informed that “Can’t” has been selected to play at this years festival.

Before all this Cannes stuff you may remember back in April we began filming “The Final Straw”, well 3 and a bit months later and we have now shot a second scene with a third being shot tomorrow. I’ve been working away on the VFX-heavy final scene (that we shot in April) and I’m now almost finished. There are another couple of VFX shots to do in the scene we’re shooting tomorrow and then it’s on to Colour Grading then finally Sound. I’m hopeful that we’ll have the film completed before I’m back at work in September.

Unfortunately there is no rest when this is all done though, as in September we begin shooting Leigh’s next film “POST-“, then of course at the end of September we have the Branchage Film Festival.

So if you don’t see too many posts from us in the next couple of months it’s because we’re busy working away.