New Social Networking Features

With our trip to Cannes next month fast approaching, I’ve been working on the site trying to get it up to scratch.

The latest new features to be added are:-

Twitter and Facebook Icons on top of page

These have been added to provide quick links to Primavera Pictures’ presence on Twitter and Facebook. The old silver RSS icon has also now been replaced with the standard orange one for consistency.

Twitter Feed sidebar

Primavera Pictures can now be found on Twitter at and our latest tweets can now be found in the sidebar. (But if  my personal twitter account is anything to go by then I’m not sure if there will be tweets all that often) It might be useful for just posting small news items that aren’t significant enough for an actual blog posting.

Facebook Like

Realising how useful Facebook is as a tool for spreading the word, We’ve now incorporated the Facebook Like button into all blog posts and film pages. I’m not entirely happy with the way when you like one of our pages from Facebook itself, rather than from this site, it doesn’t show up on this site. But regardless of that it is still a very useful addition to the site.

Facebook Comments

Finally we have now removed our built in commenting system and replaced it with Facebook’s. There are both advantages and disadvantages to this decision. The obvious disadvantage is you have to have a Facebook account to make a comment but seeing as out of 24 posts made on this site there was only one comment (and that was from me) it is clear that the old system just wasn’t user friendly enough. The major advantages to using  Facebook comments is that most people are already familiar with them and if they are already logged in to Facebook then it takes no effort at all to leave a quick comment. Also, comments that are made directly from Facebook will show up here.

With all these new features thrown in at once there are bound to be problems and glitches, if you find anything not working as it should be I would be most grateful if you could let me know. You can email me at or even better, leave a comment below.