Primavera Pictures’ Full Back Catalogue

Today marks 10 years since Cineworld Jersey opened it’s doors to the public and since Cineworld Jersey is where myself, Matt and Leigh first met, what better way to celebrate than by releasing our full back catalogue for everyone to see.

Bad Penny (2008)
L.A.C.E. (2009)
Unanswered (2010)
The Venial Society (2010)
Can’t (2011)
The Final Straw (2012)

and here are some of the older ones that have been online for a while now. (This is from when we didn’t really know what we were doing)

Super Squad (2004)
Super Squad 2 (2005)
Kitten (2005)
The Multifunctional (2006)
The Projectionist (2006)
The Manager (2006)
One Last Job (2008)
Mobius Knot (2008)


Or Click Here for a playlist of them all.