Some of the Things we have done so far

Over the last few days we’ve been very busy wondering around Cannes.

On Tuesday Evening Myself and Matt rushed in to try and collect our badges, unfortunately we got to the registration office 5 minutes after they had closed and so were left with no choice but to just check out the atmosphere.

On Wednesday Morning Matt went to a Breakfast where he had a chance to network with several short film buyers. Meanwhile I waited at the campsite for Leigh and Robbie (Leigh’s Dad) to arrive. Once they had pitched their tents we headed in to get out badges and checked out the Short Film Corner. We checked out the UK Pavilion and got tickets to Straight 8 in the evening.

Today we went to the Short Film Corner and watched a load of shorts in the Film Database Library. They have little booths that you book into for an hour and all the one thousand nine hundred and twenty two films in the Short Film Corner are available to watch. We then checked out the Marche Du Film and poped back into the UK Pavilion to chat with some other UK filmmakers. At 4pm we went to a talk about New Media Distribution at the Short Film Corner and then stayed for the Happy hour networking where we met and chatted with lots of other filmmakers with films in the Corner.

And that’s up to now…Not sure what we are doing tonight yet, we will probably go the the Cannes in a Van and check out a few films there (possibly get our films play on another day too).
Tomorrow nothing decided yet either but on Saturday we have booked a private screening room at the Short Film Corner to play both The Venial Society and Unanswered at 12pm, just have to publicise it so we have plenty of people come to see it.