Update on Unanswered and The Venial Society


Ok, so last Friday we got the last shot for Unanswered “in the can” (I still say that sounds arsey Leigh). Matt has made his final edit on it and today we started to sort out all the sound clips we’ve collected together so far and have made a rough assembly of the sound track (when I say rough I mean REALLY rough).

For the first time we’re going to be doing the sound edit in 5.1 to start with rather than what we’ve done in the past (which is to mix it all in stereo, it would sound great then when we went to arrange the 5.1 mix we’d discover that the levels needed heavy tweaking). Hopefully this way will save us a lot of time and hassle.

Matt has made a list of all Foley that still need to be recorded so when we’ve got the existing sound in place it should only take us a couple of days to get the sound mix complete.

We still have a few adjustments to make on some of the effects shots and then we need to colour time each scene. Once all that is done then we will be ready to send it off for submission.


As you can hear from Leigh in his latest video, we have also got our final edit on The Venial Society, There are a few more effects shots left to do though which will take up a big chunk of my time over the next couple of weeks. As we can’t afford to wait until then before starting on the sound mix we have decided to work on sound in the areas of the film that are complete so far. So basically any time I’m not working with Matt on the sound mix for Unanswered or with Leigh working on the sound mix for The Venial Society, I’ll be working on the effects shots. A few weeks of 4 hours nights ahead of me I think!! At least we’re not working on a 30 minute film like last year though 🙂