About Us

Primavera Pictures is based in Jersey, Channel Islands and was formed in 2004 by James Bailey. Teaming up with other like minded people with a passion for making short fiction films to submit to film festivals around the world. Over the years Primavera Pictures has released films by Matt Le Marquand, Leigh Thorne and Andrew McGinnigle.


Here is a little bit about who we are as individuals:-

James Bailey

avatarJames’ main roles include Cinematography, Visual FX, Editing, Sound with the odd dabbling in Writing and Directing. He currently works as the Technical ICT Manager at Hautlieu School. James met both Matt Fackrell and Leigh Thorne from working in Projection at Cineworld Jersey where the three of them ventured into the world of film making for the first time with the Cinema Trilogy.

Matt Fackrell

avatarMatt’s main roles include Writing, Directing, Editing, Sound and Music. After finishing a BA (Hons) in Theatre Design and Technology he spent two months work experience at Pinewood Studios in the Sound department leading to a life pursuing film. He has worked in the cinema industry for 10 years starting out behind the camera writing and directing the first training video for Cineworld. His current influences are Ridley Scott, Terry Gilliam, Darren Aranofsky, Tom Tylker, James March, Alfred Hitchcock, Quentin Tarantino, George Lucas, Brecht, Stanislavski, The Cohen Bros, Peter Jackson, PT Anderson (not to be confused with Paul WS Anderson) Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze, Jonathan Glazer and David Fincher. Matt met both James Bailey and Leigh Thorne from working at Cineworld Jersey.

Leigh Thorne

avatarLeigh’s main roles include Writing, Directing and Acting,. Thanks to meeting James, Leigh has began working more on the editing side of film making and hopes to grow his skills. Leigh is also a popular Blogger/Vologger on youtube and has been using the site to promote Jersey. Leigh writes in his free time and has some great ideas for some projects in mind. His current influences are David Fincher, Christophe Gans, H.R.Giger and Akira Yamaoka.

Andrew McGinnigle

avatarAndrew's main roles lie in writing, directing and producing. He was announced as a winner of The Story Department's First Draft Competition in 2010 and shortlisted for the Jason Wingard competition. After numerous projects, he teamed up with James to make Pulled and join the Primavera team.