New Music Video for Badlabecques

Local pop-folk band Badlabecques, who sing in Jersey’s native language Jèrriais, are releasing a new album on 11th November and to help promote it they asked us to film a music video for their opening track.

Filmed in August this year, with a ‘Steampunk’ theme, it is set in the Year 2091. Lead singer Kit Ashton says:

“We are so proud to have made what we think is a really fun and interesting video with excellent production values, thanks to the hugely dedicated and talented director James Bailey of Primavera Pictures. We’re also really grateful to all the volunteers and helpers who did their bit to make this come together in such a special way. It’s a mini sci-fi epic!”

The video itself features impressive drone footage of the Jersey coastline, and a host of mysterious characters in weird and wonderful outfits including a Jèrriais Tchéthaud (a kind of wizard), a Steampunk ‘tribe’, a dancing rooster, and a mechanical Steampunk half-skeleton-half-dragon creature known as ‘The Baron’. The scenario imagines a dystopian world 50 years after ‘Singularity’ – the moment when digital computers’ artificial superintelligence begins to supercede humanity – and a lonely tribe survive on Jersey, thanks to their strange steam-powered technology.

Kit says: “We really hope people like the song and the video, but there’s also a simple metaphor here – Jèrriais is a language that has survived against the odds, and the song is literally a wake-up call saying “Cocolîncheux!” [cockadoodledoo] to all islanders to come together and keep our culture not just surviving but thriving.”

The video was sponsored by Art House Jersey, and the album was partly funded by The Association of Jersey Charities, as well as a successful Crowdfunder campaign.

Badlabecques’ new album ‘Cocolîncheux!’ will be released on Saturday 11th November 2017, and the album launch will take place at The Lido, Havre des Pas. Tickets are now available at , where you can also pre-order the album.

YOU can watch the video now on YouTube.